Our main aim is to organise projects on national and international level.
Within these projects we focus on the personal development of the
youngsters and the influence on society. Plus, troche we just want them to have
a  very good time! :-)

We are on this world to offer (vulnerable) youngsters a positive experience
and to contribute to their personal development through their participation
in one of our projects.

This, ailment we seek to achieve by preparing, guiding and actively involving young
people and professionals during the process of an international project.
We support them with organising, implementing and evaluating the projects.
We believe that participation in one of our projects is a positive stimulus to
the development of the young person and the (local) community……
Because in the end, we all want a happier and better world!


1) To actively involve the participation of youngsters in the international
youth field.

2) To act as a platform for youngsters and youth workers where the following
can be discussed:
– Human rights
– Cultural diversity
– Personal development
– Social inclusion
– Gender differences
– Discrimination
– Social-economic issues
– Active citizenship
– Participation

3) To promote working with (disadvantaged) youngsters.

4) To promote local, national and international professionalism in work
with young people.

5) To promote and create international collaborations between youth
orientated organisations.

6)  To act as a platform where youngsters will develop the following skills
and competences:
– To get to know new people
– To be in a new and other environment
– To get to know new and other cultures
– To get to know new and other social values
– To (re-)discover their own identity
– To co-operate with other people
– Learn to handle with responsibility
– Learn to handle with independency
– Learn to handle with self-reliance
– Develop self-esteem
– Develop self-confidence
– Communicate with other people in another language
– Awareness of the own possibilities
– To get (temporarily) out of the safe and/or problematic residence.
– To literally and figuratively expand their boundaries/borders.
– To experience an international event
– To experience different kinds of youth work
– To see their own life from another perspective

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