The Exchangeables is managed by three board members who attend this
position voluntarily. All the board member are working in the youth health
care system or the local youth work in The Netherlands.

The purpose of this board is to determine the organisation’s route and to
ensure the quality of the projects.

Robert Felix, president

“Fire is my element, red is my color! Fire to start things, fire to invent new
ways, fire to warm the people around you and fire to protect the ones
you love. Red from red hot international activities for youngsters, red for
meeting new friends, red from the warmth I find in meeting colleagues
from abroad. Red is the color of my professional uniform.”


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Bas Krans, treasurer

“Exchanging can be a powerful and useful force! Every person can be a
source of inspiration for the other. Through a word or an action you can
change someone’s live. Motivate, appreciate, share, be unique and a little
crazy and become an Exchangeables-hero!!!”.


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Jordy van der Meulen, secretary

“I believe that youngsters will become more self-aware and will learn the most
when they are on their own. By taking them out of their comfort zone all their
skills and competences will increase effectively.  Going abroad is fun, interesting
and you will get to see everything from another perspective.”


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