In our first full year we had a great start! Thanks to our partners from all
over Europe we were able to be very active in the field this year.
From workshops to seminars and from training sessions to youth exchanges,
it was all done this year. All the projects we participated on were related
to one of the followings topics: social inclusion, LGBT, youth participation
and active citizenship.

We planned to participate on one project with some youngsters in 2013,
but we ended up having 28 young people, volunteers and professionals
participate on 13 different international projects.

And once again we’d like to thank all of our partner organisations for letting
us participate on your projects!!

Here is an overview of  some of the projects from 2013:



In November the supporter of the youth council, working for a youth health
care organisation in Rotterdam, went with a 14 years old representative to
the Enter! Seminar in Strasbourg. During 3 working days local
authorities, policy-makers, youth workers and youngsters from all over
Europe discussed the social rights of young people together during
interactive activities such as discussions, workshops and theater of oppressed.




This project was organised by our partner from Estonia; Polvamaa Seiklejad.
During one week in November 25 young people came together to explore
themselves. The names of this exchange was of course “EXPLORE IT”.
Through non-formal education youngsters from Romania, Estonia, Lithuania,
Poland and the Netherlands learned to reflect on their own life and behavior.
They were challenged to think about their life experiences and how they
could gain new skills and to do things differently in the future.

explore it

Hamza, 21years old from Dordrecht said the following:

“Ik vond het harstikke gezellig en heb er van veel dingen geleerd en even
veel mensen ontmoet. We hebben veel opdrachten over jezelf gehad die
wij moesten gaan doen. Je kunt het zien aan deze foto dat we een spring foto
moest gaan maken, 
maar er waren ook meer opdrachten. En we hebben onze
Youth-Pass certificaat ook gehaald.” 



Together with two youth representatives we went to a contact making seminar
organised by our partner Nevo Parudimos. During one week we got the
possibility to meet new youth organisations and think about future collaborations
for youth projects around social inclusion.




As part of YEN, we were able to send one participant to go on their training
for trainers in social inclusion. During 7 working days participants had the
opportunity to develop their competencies of trainers on social inclusion of
young people and strengthen their capacity to prepare and carry out European
and local training activities about inclusion. The TC was held in OSTIA,
a disadvantaged neighbourhood close to Rome, Italy, where Y-E-N member
and host organisation, Affabulazione, works with young people. Their work
was shown as an example of good practice in the field.

This project was financially supported by the Youth in Action programme of
the European Commission and the European Youth Foundation of the
Council of Europe. (source:

to see what happened click here



This exchange was made possible by Youth in Action and PEJA (Perspectives
Ecologiques pour les Jeunes Européens). The project was an initiative
from Association Les Jeunesses Urbaines. During one week 24 young people
from Italy, Romania, France and the Netherlands came together in Strasbourg.
They discussed topics around environment. Through non-formal education the
young people attended activities to promote environmental awareness.

strasbourg mileu



In May our Italian superhero Natalia went to a study session organised by Youth
Express Network in cooperation with Rural Youth Europe (RYE) and the Youth
department of the Council of Europe.

The project “Coaching for Inclusion: closing the gap between rural and urban youth”
explored  the concept of coaching in youth work, as well as the mechanisms
of social inclusion and exclusion, the challenges faced by young people in urban
and rural areas in general and more specifically in relation to social inclusion.



In April 33 representatives of youth organisations in Europe came together
to discuss the possibilities of future cooperation. Sanjé, our  20-years-young
hero went together with Robert, our president, to London to participate in
this project called “New Links for the Future” organised by our friends from
Naugthy Cheese

See what they did there:

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