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Short Report of the training course “Let it Be” Hungary May. 23 till Jun. 01, 2017.

One of the partners of The Exchangeables is the Hungarian organization “Association Co-Efficient” run by the team of Elemér Szentpétery, organized with the support of the European union, the training course “Let it Be”, a training for experienced youth workers in Europe to improve their youth workers skills, by providing a tool to those professionals; “Peer supervision”. A working method known in the Netherlands as ”Intervisie”. Peer Supervision is not to be confused by the professional method of “Supervision”, which requires a long study at university and two years of internship in most European countries, but is a method for peers (equals) to evaluate, discuss professional actions and to improve working skills of those professionals, by talking a casus thoroughly through by all participants of the peer supervision and giving their feedback on the casus.

In a well-structured program of ten days in the beautiful landscapes of “Oko Land” Tabor participants from Hungary, Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and The Netherlands, got to know each other, where trained in team building activities toward the main aim of the training course “Peer supervision”.
A compliment has to be given to the preparation team of the hosting organization, a well balanced mix of less experienced and very experienced youth workers, be it professional or volunteer gathered around the theme. Had a wonderful time together during the program and also outside of the program, some will become friend for life, which often happened in this kind of mobility activities, you share 7-10 days 24/7 the same space, so it’s to be expected that you will find interesting people, colleagues from other countries, to share whatever you want to share together.

Personally I really wish that more so-called field workers could have this nice kind of experience, because I know that not every field worker in Europe knows these activities exist, which is a shame, because for more than 21 years, this kind of mobility activities exists.

Robert Felix.

Infopack Let It Be


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